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[Industry News] (Telematics News) Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Scout Motors brands to implement NACS charging in future EVs 2024-07-14
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) TomTom & Microsoft partner for in-vehicle generative AI 2024-07-12
[Industry News] (Telematics News) VinFast and Marubeni to repurpose EV batteries in new partnership 2024-07-12
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Inverted AI secures seed fund for generative AI in AV/ADAS development 2024-07-13
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Hyundai and Mubadala partner to explore sustainable mobility solutions 2024-07-07
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Renesas launches AI Workbench to accelerate automotive AI software development 2024-07-12
[Industry News] (IoT news) The public carsharing fleet reached 575,000 vehicles worldwide in 2022 2024-07-14
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) WeRide gets Singapore M1 & T1 autonomous vehicle licenses 2024-07-13
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Fleet management systems in Europe to hit 26.5M by 2027 2024-07-12
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Pilot Travel Centers, GM, & EVgo open first station in coast-to-coast EV charging network 2024-07-16
[Industry News] (Telematics News) LG reveals native Netflix app for its webOS IVI content platform 2024-07-09
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) INU unveils breakthrough AI system for autonomous vehicle safety 2024-07-16
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Mercedes-Benz opens its first European Charging Hub in Germany 2024-07-13
[Industry News] (IoT news) The installed base of fleet management systems in the Americas to reach 37 million units by 2027 2024-07-11
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Huawei to strengthen its position as Tier1 supplier 2024-07-16
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Hyundai partners with University College London to explore carbon-neutral technologies 2024-07-16
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Cruise to relaunch small fleet of driverless robotaxis 2024-07-07
[Industry News] (Telematics News) The Electric Circuit, BC Hydro & ChargeHub launch joint EV roaming service 2024-07-11
[Industry News] (Telematics News) XCharge expands global reach with Net Zero Series EV charger launch in Japan 2024-07-15
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Amazon to launch online vehicle sales in new strategic collaboration with Hyundai 2024-07-13
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Driving Innovation Through Blockchain-Powered Automotive Data Monetization 2024-07-16
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Toyota expands V2G research with San Diego Gas & Electric Company collaboration 2024-07-16
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Canoo begins supplying inaugural EVs manufactured in Oklahoma to state government 2024-07-10
[Industry News] (IoT news) IoT for Telematics Applications: Transforming Transportation and Beyond 2024-07-12
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Automotive V2X market to hit $37.48B by 2030 at 33.63% CAGR 2024-07-09