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2022 TAIPEI AMPA – Taiwan Telematics Industry Pavilion is Now Online!

2022 TAIPEI AMPA – Taiwan Telematics Industry Pavilion is Now Online!


The 2022 Taipei AMPA and AutoTronics Taipei will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from April 20-23, and will feature 560 automotive industry corporations with 1,300 exhibition booths. Additionally, with the digital transformation taking place in the world nowadays, the new virtual show concept AMPA DigitalGo is now online from April 11, presenting the automotive industry in a new and unique format. 2022 Taipei AMPA will focus on not only aftermarket services, but also the electric vehicle and the intelligent moving, as with the current industry trend. The new trend, such as C.A.S.E, will be the key word throughout the exhibition. As telematics prides itself on a robust information and communications industry that effectively integrates innovative software applications and relevant services to meet the needs and wants of both drivers and passengers. 2022 Taiwan Telematics Industry Pavilion with three main topics: Connectivity, Smart Mobility, Vehicular Technology is organized to promote the smart applications of commercial and unmanned vehicles. It also shows the deep foundation of the said industry integration and development of IoV Technology.


The future of mobility will be highly automated. However, ahead of the deployment of autonomous vehicles, the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is paving the way. With multiple sensors, AI-powered ADAS camera and monitoring system could provide information to the driver, which can effectively improve driving safety and reduce accident rates. This year, Ability, ADAS Mobile and oToBrite will present ADAS products including “Collision Warning System”, “Blind Spot Indication”, “Driver Monitoring System” and etc. TMS Technology’s “Autonomous Simulation Platform” delivers full product life-cycle simulation for ADAS and autonomous vehicle developers.








With the digitization and intelligence revolution of the transport sector, an efficient fleet management system becomes essential for transport companies today. The system powered by “MiAIoT” (MiTAC’s in house AIoT platform) keeps train under protection and monitoring. And Rebit DigitalSkyEyes and SYSTECH showcase smart OBU and total solution with value-added services. The new generation of vehicle tracking and fleet management systems with cloud platform could optimize fleet performance and safety.



While the deployment is increasing worldwide, 5G services will be a boost to the telematics industry. In Pavilion, “C-ITS Smart Road in D-City (Danhai)” by Hwacom illustrates the new generation of C-ITS smart road management methods with 5G C-V2X Location-Based Service (LBS). On the other hand, Keysight delivers multiple advanced design and validation solutions for C-V2X, automotive radar, EV charging and etc.




Taiwan Telematics Industry Pavilion is now online at 2022 AMPA DigitalGO. The physical exhibition will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from April 20 to 23. Please visit the Taipei AMPA website to register and find out more information on the show. Visitors can browse the pavilion content by clicking the above product images. The Pavilion website is at: https://www.ttiatw.org/2022ampa/taiwan-telematics-industry-pavilion.