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(Telematics Wire) BMW CarData offers data based customised service to customers

Russian tech firm Yandex working on self-driving car

Yandex, Russian search and internet technology firm is working on self-driving car technology and has developed a self-driving vehicle prototype. The prototype is a modified...
BMW CarData offers data based customised service to customers
BMW Group has launched BMW CarData. Any BMW with a built-in SIM card can use BMW CarData. Around 8.5 million BMW vehicles currently meet this requirement. Once customers have...
Cohda Wireless’s V2X Technology in Cadillac CTS
Cohda Wireless has announced that the new 2017 Cadillac CTS sedan contains Cohda’s V2X software as a standard feature. Cohda Wireless will supply its Dedicated Short Range...
Toyota adopts the AGL platform for its next-generation infotainment system
Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a collaborative cross-industry effort developing an open platform for the connected car, has announced that Toyota has adopted the AGL platform for...
Honda Connect to leverage IBM Watson for new services in India
It has been reported that Honda Cars India is collaborating with IBM Watson IoT. The purpose behind this collaboration is using IBM Cloud for ‘Honda Connect’,...
Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt to build ‘compact electric vehicles’
Mercedes-Benz consistently pursuing its electric offensive has announced that its Rastatt plant will produce compact class EQ models in the future. The decision is based on a...