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[news] (Telematics Wire) Argus introduces ECU fingerprinting in its In-Vehicle Network Protection 2016-11-21
[news] Date (Telematics News) Argus announces new groundbreaking ECU Fingerprinting technology 2016-11-17
[news] (Telematics Wire) Global automotive electronics market estimated to be US$ 290 billion by 2024 2016-11-17
[news] (Telematics News) TomTom and Elgin announce collaboration to deliver improved real-time traffic information ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) Porsche Panamera now comes with INRIX off-street parking and fuel services ------
[news] (Telematics News) Samsung Electronics to acquire HARMAN for $8 billion ------
[news] (Telematics News) Valeo acquires 50% stake in CloudMade ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) Automotive infotainment and navigation market will register a strong growth by 2021 ------
[news] (Telematics News) Ethertronics announces two V2X smart antennas to enhance signal performance, reliability and range ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) Nevada Dept of Transportation ropes in CH2M to develop framework on autonomous vehicles ------
[news] (Telematics News) Nissan pioneers digital shared car ownership scheme using social media profiles ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) Android Auto 2.0 now available ------
[news] (Telematics News) Google rolls out Android Auto to smartphones ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) Valens and Daimler join hands to optimise In-Car Connectivity ------
[news] (Telematics News) Ford Demonstrates New Performance App at SEMA 2016 ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) 5G Americas white paper on implication of 5G on V2I, V2V, V2X communications ------
[news] (Telematics News) Volvo partners with INRIX to provide global traffic data ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) Electronics systems contribute 90% of innovations and new features in modern vehicles ------
[news] (Telematics News) Toyota and Mazda in discussions over EV and connected car collaborations ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) Automotive ECU market size expected to be over US $54 billion by 2023 ------
[news] (Telematics News) Uber and GM partner to provide car-sharing service ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) Toyota to diversify into telematics services and insurance ------
[news] (Telematics News) HARMAN and Airbiquity Announce Solution for Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity Attacks ------
[news] (Telematics Wire) BlackBerry and Ford sign agreement for expanded use of QNX ------