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[news] (Telematics Wire) Samsung to supply Exynos processors for Audi’s IVI system -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) European Commission Publishes Regulations Concerning Implementation of eCall Directive -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) Tata has plans to develop autonomous cars -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) u-blox acquires SIMCom cellular module product line -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) Global automotive technology specialists provide support to Indian start-ups -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) More than 750,000 live Telematics based policies in UK -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) Reliance Jio Plans Move Into Car Telematics -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) BMW resumes car deliveries to Russia following ERA-GLONASS suspension -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) ENISA Report Identifies Good Practices for Connected Car Cybersecurity -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) Google may launch a ride sharing service -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) HERE supports Global Rollout of Baidu Maps -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) Nissan to conduct trials of its self-driving cars in London -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) Google Maps Update Allows Users to Book and Pay for Uber Rides -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) Global ADAS market to grow at 19.63% during 2016-2020 -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) New Ford GT Features Innovative Digital Instrument Display -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) US DoT advisory committee focused on automation across modes of transport -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) Gemalto Provides Connectivity for China’s First Internet Car Launched by Banma -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) Nexteer and Continental to form a joint venture for motion control systems and actuator components -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) NNG’s new technology immediately detects and intercepts cyber threats -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) VW introduced new all-electric and autonomous retro microbus -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) Google previews improved self-driving system ahead of NAIAS Detroit -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) Airbiquity partners with STMicroelectronics to enable multi-ECU OTA Software Updates for Automotive -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics Wire) Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz collaborate to bring an AI-powered car to market next year -0001-11-30
[news] (Telematics News) Clarion Names Magellan as Smartphone-Based Cloud Navigation Partner for SUBARU STARLINK Systems -0001-11-30