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Company Name:AIMobile Co., Ltd.

AIMobile Co. Ltd. was started in 2016 by a strategic alliance including, Inventec, a leading design and manufacturing service provider of notebook computers, servers, and mobile devices; and Advantech, a worldwide leader in Industrial Intelligent Systems. AIMobile will focus on the development and manufacturing of industrial handheld mobile devices, targeting retail, in-vehicle, field service, and medical applications. The strategic alliance between Inventec and Advantech is a win-win situation, AIMobile will not only bolster Advantech’s branded solutions, but it is also a major step for Inventec toward the Internet of Things. Based on the strong commitment by, and close collaboration between both sides, AIMobile will be recognized by global customers as the No.1 design and manufacturing partner for Industrial Mobile Systems. In various Industrial and Smart City applications, we see strong demand for handheld mobile devices from its customers, and believe there is a strong potential for growth. Through Advantech’s brand and market reach, and by leveraging the abundance of software and hardware engineering resources of Inventec, AIMobile will provide customers with the best-in-class industrial tablets and other handheld devices, in particular solutions based on the Android operating system with software and peripheral support. On the basis of Advantech’s industry know-how and global sales network, plus Inventec’s strong software and hardware capability in mobile devices as well as its manufacturing expertise, AIMobile is well positioned to capture new growth opportunities and become a global leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial mobile systems.

In-vehicle computing platform, Retail POS system, Industrial automation system and peripherals, ruggedize tablet/PC, healthcare equipment, smart camera, digital signage, IoT end device and gateway、Embedded Linux and Android system software/firmware/app