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[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Senmiao Technology announces strategic cooperation with Gaode Map for utilization in ride sharing initiatives 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Toyota Motor Corporation Australia to deliver connected vehicles with support from Intelematics 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) The installed base of aftermarket car telematics devices reached 77.1 million in 2019 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Surge in global demand for personal mobility brings new momentum to two-wheeler industry, says Frost & Sullivan 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Audi on the road toward CO2-neutral production sites 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Volvo Cars helps warn U.S. drivers and municipalities of slippery roads and hazards 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Great Wall Motor launches new-generation self-developed powertrain solution 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Autonomous a2z raises US$1.9M in seed round for autonomous driving solution 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics News) General Motors aims to transform the auto insurance industry with OnStar Insurance 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) IoTs, Wireless Data, OTA updates – Ensuring the Security of the Connected Car 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) New UN Automotive Regulations Target Cybersecurity, Software Updates 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Tritium unveils world first scalable electric vehicle charging platform 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Continental extends its line of turbochargers for the aftermarket – BMW, MINI and brands of VW group 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics News) NXP collaborates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to extend connected vehicle opportunities 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) PerceptIn to launch the micro-Robot Taxi demonstration on public road in Japan 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics News) DENSO invests in Lambda:4 to enhance to enhance security and positional capabilities 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Frost & Sullivan: cross-industry convergence and 5G spark future innovations in mobility technology 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Voyomotive and CerebrumX announce joint venture for new UBI solutions. 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Walmart teams up with Cruise to test autonomous deliveries 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Ford taps Kansas City to assemble all-electric Ford E-Transit 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics News) SafeRide launches vInsight- a Deep-Learning vehicle health management platform 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) IVEX and Siemens partner to improve the simulation and validation of Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS solutions 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Iteris selected by Hillsborough County for smart mobility and safety initiative 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Hyundai Motor Group to launch NVIDIA DRIVE ‘connected car’ infotainment and AI platform across all future Hyundai, Kia and Genesis models 2020-11-28
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) TRATON and Navistar reach definitive agreement for acquisition of Navistar at USD 44.50 per share in cash 2020-11-28