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(Telematics Wire) Cox Automotive introduces DRiVEQ, the data intelligence engine

Upgraded Sampling Oscilloscope MP2110A clock recovery function
Anritsu Corporation has launched its new 25G Clock Recovery Range Expansion Option (MP2110A-059) to upgrade the BERTWave MP2110A sampling oscilloscope clock recovery rate required for testing optical signals.



Cox Automotive introduces DRiVEQ, the data intelligence engine
Cox Automotive launched DRiVEQ, the official branding of the company’s dynamic data intelligence capabilities that powers the industry’s largest portfolio of automotive solutions and services. 



Mobileware launches onTime Carpool Service to lower transportation costs, improve mobility options and reduce carbon emissions
Mobileware announced the launch of onTime™ Carpool, their new OnDemand carpooling service. The service is fully integrated with Mobileware’s existing onTime commuter mobile app



Zero Roadway Deaths Means Seeing Everything Sooner, Clearer and Farther with Breakthrough Technology
Neural Propulsion Systems (NPS), a pioneer in autonomous sensing platforms, issued a paper revealing that compelling new innovations enable vehicles with or without human supervision to see soon enough, clear enough and far enough to eliminate roadway deaths.



Vance & Hines reveals FP4, its next generation engine control module tuner
Vance & Hines announced the FP4, the next generation of its engine control module (ECM) flash tuning products. The FP4 features an all-new circuit board, case, firmware and mobile app, all of which were designed and manufactured in Santa Fe Springs, California.