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(Telematics Wire) Honda conducting pilot of new road condition monitoring system to enhance safety

Sibros to showcase deep connected vehicle technology at CES 2022
Sibros will showcase and provide live demonstrations of its Deep Connected Platform™ during CES. The platform enables OEMs to deliver new connected vehicle services



Increasing automated safety requirements highlight need for robust regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles
Frost & Sullivan‘s recent analysis of the global autonomous vehicles (AVs) regulatory landscape finds that increasing automated safety requirements necessitate a robust regulatory framework for AVs. Initiatives by advanced nations such as Germany



Honda conducting pilot of new road condition monitoring system to enhance safety
Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. is developing a road condition monitoring system that uses vehicle technology to evaluate road conditions in an effort to detect possible hazards. With this vehicle-generated road condition reporting system



Udelv to unveil autonomous cab-less Transporter, driven by Mobileye, at CES 20
Udelv, a Silicon Valley venture-backed company, announced they will unveil the cab-less electric delivery vehicle for multi-stop delivery, the Transporter, driven by Mobileye, at the Mobileye booth at CES.



Gogoro launches new swappable battery initiative with introduction of smart parking meters
Gogoro® Inc. announced it was launching a new urban battery initiative utilizing  Gogoro-powered smart parking meters. Co-developed with Shengming Technology



Ride sharing spend by consumers to exceed $930 billion globally by 2026; Driven by strong COVID-19 recovery & reduced private vehicle usage
A new study by Juniper Research has found ride sharing spending by consumers globally will exceed $937 billion by 2026, comparable to 50 times the combined annual revenue of Transport for London, New York City’s MTA, and Beijing Metro in 2021