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(Telematics News) Wejo and Palantir partner to solve problems of mobility revolution

Wejo and Palantir partner to solve problems of mobility revolution

Posted: 17 Sep 2021 08:06 AM PDT

Wejo partners with Palantir Technologies with an aim to solve the problems of the mobility. As the world moves at furious pace to reduce emissions, improve vehicle safety, and design resilient smart cities, Wejo and Palantir are looking to create an integrated data ecosystem for the automotive industry and beyond. The partnership aims to combine […]


CATL and BASF have signed a framework agreement to accelerate the achievement of global carbon neutrality goals

Posted: 17 Sep 2021 03:25 AM PDT

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) and BASF SE (BASF) announced a strategic partnership on battery materials solutions, including cathode active materials (CAM) and battery recycling. The collaboration aims at developing a sustainable battery value chain, in support of CATL’s localization in Europe and contributes to achieving both companies’ global carbon neutrality goals. CATL has […]



Stellantis tests two new connected safety notification technologies in North America

Posted: 19 Sep 2021 08:36 PM PDT

Stellantis explores Multi Access Edge Computing and Safety Cloud technologies in North America, providing driver with notification warnings of potentials hazards in their path. Working with the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) partnership, one test will demonstrate a cellular 5G connection with the MEC platform, allowing localized systems to quickly make decisions at the point where […]