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(Telematics Wire) Parkopedia partners with CarPay-Diem to expand in-car payments services

Frost & Sullivan Perspective: On the collaboration of LeddarTech and OSRAM
Earlier in January this year, Quebec-based LeddarTech entered into a long-term agreement with Germany-based OSRAM. LeddarTech will provide their LiDAR hardware and software components into OSRAM’s PERCEPT™ LiDAR platform.



Baidu unveils the first robocar at Baidu World 2021
Baidu unveiled its first robocar at Baidu World 2021, its annual flagship technology conference. The robocar has no steering wheel as the tech giant envisions that future vehicles will be more like robots.



Parkopedia partners with CarPay-Diem to expand in-car payments services
Parkopedia has announced a partnership with fuel payment provider CarPay-Diem to strengthen Parkopedia’s recently launched integrated multi-domain payment platform. 



Wind River research on ‘Characteristics of an Intelligent Systems Future’
Wind River® has issued new research, “13 Characteristics of an Intelligent Systems Future,” which examines the technology characteristics roadmap for a mission-critical intelligent systems world. 



Mezzo Panel technology of Magna for electric vehicles
Magna is reimagining the face and functionality of electric vehicle front ends with its new Mezzo Panel technology. The fully integrated Mezzo Panel provides a fresh canvas for designers and an opportunity for engineers to seamlessly integrate advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) capabilities like radar, cameras, and lighting.