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(Telematics Wire) Daimler Mobility licenses its blockchain software to bloXmove

Next-gen electric vehicle batteries: Questions we still need to answer
The next generation of electric vehicle batteries, with greater range and improved safety, could be emerging in the form of lithium metal, solid-state technology.



Daimler Mobility licenses its blockchain software to bloXmove
Daimler Mobility AG has awarded the in-house developed Mobility Blockchain Platform to the mobility start-up bloXmove as part of a licensing agreement. The software has been expanded and incubated in the last three years as part of the Blockchain Factory together with selected partners. With this step, Daimler Mobility wants to facilitate further developments of the software project, further network enlargement and win over ecosystem partners.



PTT and Foxconn to manufacture EV in Thailand
H.E. General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of Thailand, presided over the Virtual Signing Ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a Development and Manufacturing EV project in Thailand between PTT Public Company Limited



IDTechEx: Autonomous mobility-as-a-service is 2-3 years away
“Autonomous cars will be here in 2 years” has been a standard sentence from the industry for the past 5 years or so. Now there is good reason to expect autonomous ride-hailing services to hit our roads within 3 years. So, what has happened in the last year in the world of autonomy to give this confidence boost? Well, a few things actually.



Optimization potential for HV vehicle networks by system simulation
Rosenberger brings the ZVEI guideline TLF0101 to life as one of the first suppliers and shows amazing optimization potentials for practice. The guide describes a standardized format for exchanging parameters of electro-thermal component models for the system simulation of the vehicle electrical network. This thermal optimization process can greatly reduce connector size and weight, wire cross-section, and development times depending on the installation situation.