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(Telematics News) Audi further extends the mobility service ‘Audi on demand’ in Germany

Audi further extends the mobility service ‘Audi on demand’ in Germany

Posted: 19 May 2021 06:45 AM PDT

A new subscription offer, a dedicated app, and now more than 65 stations at German dealers: AUDI AG is pressing ahead with the expansion of its exclusive mobility service ‘Audi on demand’ and thus complementing its digital ecosystem around the automobile. In this way, customers gain an even broader range of services that respond to […]


CU-BX and Continental collaborate for automotive contact-free occupant health and well-being detection

Posted: 19 May 2021 06:44 AM PDT

In a significant statement affirming their dedication to driving the future of personalized in-vehicle occupant monitoring, automotive tier-1 Continental begins a technology collaboration with innovative Israeli startup, CU-BX.  CU-BX, formally ContinUse Biometrics Ltd., is a provider of contact-free driver well-being and in-cabin environmental comfort applications. The CU-BX solution holds the potential to considerably elevate the driving […]


TomTom leads automotive charge towards electric future with enhanced EV technology suite

Posted: 19 May 2021 06:43 AM PDT

TomTom reinforced its commitment to a cleaner world by driving the EV revolution forward together with partners and innovative technology. TomTom has unveiled a roster of enhancements to its electric vehicle (EV) suite including upgraded range and routing features, and industry-leading data on charging points. This follows announcements of collaboration with Hubject and Eco-Movement – […]


TomTom selects Eco-Movement to boost drivers’ real-time EV charging information

Posted: 19 May 2021 06:42 AM PDT

TomTom announced an agreement with Eco-Movement. TomTom’s EV suite and TomTom’s Maps APIs are now enhanced with Eco-Movement’s high-quality real-time charging information, providing drivers and EV fleet managers with accurate EV point of interest (POI) information faster than ever before. Drivers of vehicles equipped with TomTom’s EV charging points service will enjoy numerous benefits, including […]


TomTom reduces EV Drivers’ range and charging anxiety with new Hubject Deal

Posted: 19 May 2021 06:41 AM PDT

TomTom announced an extension to its relationship with Hubject, an e-mobility digital specialist. Hubject has established the world’s largest cross-provider platform for electric vehicle charging. TomTom’s EV suite and TomTom’s Maps APIs now receive more information related to charging point locations, connector types, critically, availability, helping drivers and EV fleet managers to save time and […]


Arrival selects HERE SDK for its EVs

Posted: 19 May 2021 06:41 AM PDT

Arrival has been developing its own proprietary hardware, software and robotics since 2015 and is using these technologies to enable electric vehicle production through its unique Microfactories, which are small-footprint, low CapEx and can be deployed quickly to serve local communities. Electric vehicles benefit from predictable routes and overnight depot charging, fitting seamlessly within commercial fleets. With […]


Fisker and Onto sign agreement for delivery of up to 700 vehicles in 2023 to support next-gen EV mobility

Posted: 19 May 2021 04:51 AM PDT

Fisker Inc. announced a partnership with Onto, the UK-based all-inclusive electric car subscription service for private and business users. The agreement, the first multi-vehicle reservation for Fisker in the UK market, supports the delivery of up to 700 vehicles in 2023. Onto will not only be Fisker’s first customer in the UK, but also the […]