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(Telematics Wire) Innoviz Technologies announces cooperation with Vueron Technology for LiDAR-only autonomous driving

BMW and Ford invests in Solid Power to secure future batteries for EVs
Solid Power, an industry-leading producer of all solid-state batteries for electric vehicles, today announced a $130 million Series B investment round led by the BMW Group, Ford Motor Company and Volta Energy Technologies. Ford and the BMW Group have also expanded existing joint development agreements with Solid Power to secure all solid-state batteries for future electric vehicles



Umicore and Anglo American to develop PGM-based technology
Umicore and Anglo American, through its PGMs business Anglo American Platinum, announce a research and development collaboration agreement to develop Platinum Group Metal (PGM)-based catalysts for liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) applications on fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and other mobile applications. This catalyst technology has the potential to transform the way hydrogen can be stored and used to power FCEVs. 



Innoviz Technologies announces cooperation with Vueron Technology for LiDAR-only autonomous driving
Innoviz Technologies, a provider of solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software, and Vueron Technology, a leading South Korean provider of LiDAR perception software and autonomous driving technology, will cooperate in building an autonomous driving platform for LiDAR-only self-driving vehicles.



WAE partners with Italdesign to create complete high-performance EV solution
Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) announce a unique new partnership that will provide the upper premium automotive sector with a complete high-performance EV production solution. 



MoEVing to lease EVs from Welectric for logistics sector
India: Electric two-wheeler mobility start-up Welectric on Monday (3 May 2021), said it has partnered with MoEVing, another start-up working in the electrification of logistics sector, to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in last-mile delivery operations.



ORNL licenses its award winning AI system to General Motors
United States: The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has licensed its award-winning artificial intelligence software system, the Multinode Evolutionary Neural Networks for Deep Learning, to General Motors for use in vehicle technology and design.