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(Telematics Wire) GM patents lost item detection in vehicles

Reporters share experience of Waymo driverless taxi rides
On Monday 21st Aug’23, despite the objections of San Francisco officials who worry the cars aren’t safe, Waymo vehicles began functioning just like paid taxis, minus the driver. For the first time, some people could book rides and pay fares for trips in a Waymo driverless car. Cruise has already been operating a limited paid service around parts of the city.



CPPA reviewing privacy of connected vehicles & tech
The California Privacy Protection Agency’s (CPPA) Enforcement Division announced a review of data privacy practices by connected vehicle (CV) manufacturers and related CV technologies. These vehicles have several features embedded in them, such as location sharing, web-based entertainment, smartphone integration, and cameras. 



Texas introduces $200 annual fee for electric vehicle owners
Date: August 22, 2023. Texas has introduced a new state law requiring electric vehicle (EV) owners to pay an additional fee of $200 annually. The law, which comes into effect starting this fiscal year, aims to generate revenue to support road maintenance and infrastructure projects.



Foryou & BlackBerry team up for digital cockpit
Bangalore, Karnataka, India: Huizhou Foryou General Electronics Co. Ltd. and BlackBerry Limited announced that Foryou General Electronics has selected BlackBerry for its next-generation digital cockpit. Multiple automakers, including Great Wall Motor, are currently deploying this technology in their models.



GM patents lost item detection in vehicles
GM has filed a pair of patents. These patents describe a system for detecting a lost item in a vehicle and notifying the owner of said lost item.



Lamborghini unveils its electric concept car- Lanzador
Lamborghini chose Monterey Car Week to debut its concept car- Lanzador. Its a preview of the future fourth model announced by the company and planned for 2028. Aligned with Direzione Cor Tauri, this concept signifies a vital move towards the 2021-declared decarbonization and electrification goals.