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(Telematics News) 24M Technologies partners with Volkswagen Group on next-gen EV

Mopar debuts new wall chargers for Jeep 4xe & Chrysler Pacifica PHEVs

Posted: 19 Jan 2022 04:12 AM PST

Stellantis’ parts subsidiary Mopar has announced a pair of new plug-in wall chargers for Jeep 4xe and Chrysler PHEVs. Both chargers are Wi-Fi capable and support Level 2 charging at 240 volts. Available in plug-in or hardwired versions that supply a maximum power of 32 amps (7.7kW) of power, the units can fully charge the […]


24M Technologies partners with Volkswagen Group on next-gen EV battery manufacturing

Posted: 19 Jan 2022 03:45 AM PST

24M Technologies has confirmed that it will partner with Volkswagen Group to manufacture new lithium-ion EV batteries. The supplier’s SemiSolid platform will be utilized in the production of the Group’s forthcoming EVs. The Volkswagen Group now has a 25% stake in 24M and will establish a wholly owned subsidiary that will, in cooperation with 24M, develop […]


CATL subsidiary launches EVOGO battery swap solution

Posted: 18 Jan 2022 04:06 AM PST

CATL’s Contemporary Amperex Energy Service Technology (CAES) subsidiary has rolled out EVOGO – a battery swap service featuring modular battery swapping. The supplier confirmed that EVOGO will provide battery blocks, fast battery swap stations, and a mobile app to ten cities in the first phase of its rollout.  The subsidiary’s Choco-SEB (swapping electric block) forms the […]


All-new Niro HEV revealed by Kia

Posted: 18 Jan 2022 04:01 AM PST

Kia has revealed the all-new Niro, a hybrid-electric vehicle reflective of the OEM’s goal to become a sustainable provide of mobility solutions around the world. The OEM confirmed that models with PHEV and BEV powertrains would follow, with more details to be revealed at a later date. Sales of the new Niro HEV will begin […]