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(Telematics Wire) Foxconn to manufacture electric vehicles for Fisker

Foxconn to manufacture electric vehicles for Fisker
Fisker Inc. announced it has entered into an MOU with Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) supporting a project to develop electric vehicle. Highlights of the proposed collaboration, codenamed ‘Project PEAR’ (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution).



Cybellum launches Cyber Digital Twins platform to protect vehicles from cyber threats
Cybellum announces the launch of the automotive Cyber Digital Twins platform to combat the rising cyber risk to connected vehicles. The state of the art risk assessment platform allows manufacturers to map and trace hundreds of thousands of potential cyber vulnerabilities in the software that runs a vehicle, and present the software ‘fix’, to maintain security throughout its lifecycle.



NPS 500 a platform for autonomous vehicle
Neural Propulsion Systems (NPS) emerged from stealth to launch NPS 500™, a platform for autonomous vehicles. NPS 500 is integrated multi-model sensor system focused on Level 4/5 autonomy.