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TICA (Traveler Information&Communication Alliance) Taiwan RDS-TMC Business Service Operation Official Launch Announcement

TICA (Traveler Information&Communication Alliance) 

Taiwan RDS-TMC Business Service Operation 

Official Launch Announcement

In order to integrate the real-time traffic information into national navigation system for Taiwan travelers to access real-time traffic information seamlessly, Institute of Transport (IoT), Ministry of Transport and Communication ( MoTC) started to engage on the R&D and implementation of RDS-TMC real-time traffic broadcasting mechanism. RDS-TMC was officially online for public service, most of navigation system, including TomTom, Garmin, Panasonic, Mio, PapaGO, Gonav, ASUS, Holux, AlTINA and etc... all adopted the RDS-TMC broadcasting standards and information services. 

For high-quality RDS-TMC service, it's required to integrate and coordinate resources including data resource side, broadcasting station side, receiving facility side. Taiwan Telematics Industry Association (TTIA) plan to establish Traveler Information & Communication Alliance (TICA) to execute the sustainable operation and management of RDS-TMC. On reference of the operation methods from countries such as US, Europe and Japan, a comprehensive proposal is stipulated to integrate TTIA members across public, private, academic sectors to promote and facilitate the RDS-TMC service operation. 

RDS-TMC information encrypted services provision shall be paid by value-added sectors, including car manufacturers, PND manufacturers, GIS sectors, mobile navigation providers to obtain the license of using the value-added application, while the revenue shall be utilized to provide better real-time traffic service. The service model is planned as below:

(1) Car Manufacturers:NT$ 1000 (Per car)

(2) PND Manufacturers:NT$ 100 (Per device)

(3) Mobile device sectors:NT$ 100 (Per mobile device)

Through the technological cooperation and industrial integration, it's anticipated to upgrade and develop multiple telematics value service and create telematics industrial value chain, so as to facilitate various telematics services and applications for service re-engineering and sustainability in Taiwan. 


Enclosed please download the presentation of "RDS-TMC Business Operation Plan" in PDF file.

RDS-TMC License Agreement is available to download for review on 文件下載區 (Document download) (http://ttia-tw.org/download.php?id=47). Please be reminded you will need to register with your account and password to access the license agreement both in English and in Chinese. If there is further question, please feel to contact TTIA office 02-2713-9126.