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[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Data companies unveil key roadblocks hindering wide-scale expansion of autonomous driving 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics News) European Parliament announces EU-wide charging targets 2024-04-16
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Berg Insight: South Africa’s fleet management systems set to reach 3.8 million units by 2027 2024-04-16
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) In-vehicle infotainment market worth $31.4 billion by 2028 – Exclusive report by MarketsandMarkets 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Heavy-Duty autonomous vehicle market set for rapid growth: Comprehensive analysis and forecast 2023-2032 2024-04-16
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Amazon rolls out first Rivian electric delivery vans in Europe 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics News) General Motors acquires battery software startup ALGOLiON 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) New White Paper: “Efficient fleet management – digital, connected and sustainable” 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Akkodis partners with BMW Group for BMW i Vision Dee concept car 2024-04-15
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Seoul unveils smart intersection testbed to enhance urban mobility 2024-04-15
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Hyundai details new business strategy, representing $85 billion investment over 10 years 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Stellantis & Foxconn form SiliconAuto, a semiconductor joint venture 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) China leads the EV revolution with 1.8 million public charging stations 2024-04-16
[Industry News] (IoT news) Embedded car OEM telematics subscribers exceeded 200 million in 2022 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Mobilize selects The Mobility House as technology partner for its V2G service 2024-04-15
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Wipro partners with Spartan Radar to enhance assisted and automated driving solutions 2024-04-16
[Industry News] (Telematics News) BYD announces Fang Cheng Bao, its new EV brand 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Peugeot reveals Panoramic i-Cockpit infotainment system 2024-04-16
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Honda reveals Driver Coaching mobile app 2024-04-16
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Coventry University to demo self-driving car at Motofest 2023 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Skoda announces new center for digital services and mobility solutions 2024-04-16
[Industry News] (IoT news) The ITS market for electric buses in Europe and North America to reach € 355 million by 2027 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Ford announces new EV charging partnerships with Tesla 2024-04-17
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Renault Group and Valeo sign a partnership in SDV development 2024-04-16
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Automotive Semiconductor Market to Register Substantial Expansion by 2035 2024-04-17