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[Industry News] (Telematics News) NXP and Ford collaborate to deliver next-generation connected car experiences 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Vehicles, and Their Impact on Payments 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Daimler Mobility and Visa form global technology partnership to integrate digital commerce into the car 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Volkswagen to invest some €1 billion by 2026 – South America region to be geared to sustained profitability 2022-05-22
[Industry News] (Telematics News) e.GO Mobile electric vehicle manufacturer announces launch of smart battery swap service – the “e.Pit” 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) India: Odisha announces full tax exemption for electric vehicles, registration fee waiver 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Volkswagen enters into a strategic partnership with EIT InnoEnergy to accelerate shift towards electric mobility 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Mercedes-AMG SL Sports MBUX, powered by NVIDIA, for intelligent performance 2022-05-22
[Industry News] (IoT News) The installed base of fleet management systems in the Americas to reach 31 million units by 2025 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Qmerit teams up with Ford for EV home charging installations 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Kia Connect enhances UVO catalogue of features with new updates and added amenities 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) The installed base of active cargo tracking units to reach 29 million by 2025 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Geotab and General Motors deliver real-time in-vehicle driver coaching for safer roads 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Amazon self-driving cars headed to Seattle 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Stellantis and Samsung SDI to form joint venture for lithium-ion battery production in North America 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) DENSO invests in Dellfer to bring automotive cybersecurity software to market 2022-05-22
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Ford and Ansys accelerate the development of next-generation predictive headlight technology 2022-05-22
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Volvo introduces Range Assistant app on fully electric cars through OTA update 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Toyota electrifies future in the U.S. with 10-year, $3.4 billion investment 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Committed to carbon neutrality, GWM conducts hybrid technology research and development 2022-05-22
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) HERE introduces global movement data service for advanced mobility analytics 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) BlackBerry, Google and Qualcomm collaborates for next generation automotive cockpits 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) AT&T selects Ericsson for expansion of 5G network and C-band spectrum build 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Peachtree Corners partners with T- Mobile to launch Beep autonomous shuttle fleet, C-V2X technology drives enhanced safety and tech development 2022-05-21
[Industry News] (Telematics News) HERE launches advanced real-time traffic service 2022-05-22