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About TTIA

TTIA was established in December 2010 and the mission of TTIA is to expedite the development of the Taiwan telematics industry and to strengthen its global competitiveness.  To this end, TTIA is committed to integrating resources, creating added value and business opportunities, and promoting industrial standardization in order to help the telematics industry take deep roots in Taiwan and stay abreast with international developments.



TTIA is the leading industry association promoting the future technologies of connected vehicles and the mobility ecosystem. Working together, we focus on the development of technologies and open standards that accelerate innovation for connected vehicle Devices and systems, resulting in a more diverse, sustainable, and integrated mobility ecosystem.


TTIA members come from Government Agencies, Partner Organizations,Academy/University, various Industrial Sectors of Auto Part/Electronic/Devices/System Integrator/Telecomm/Laboratory, and individual experts , etc.