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Company Name:Dijiya Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Dijiya is founded to produce the state-of-art high power density LiFePO4 battery cell in 2009. Due to extending more cell applications to serve more customers in many aspects, various BMS, BCU modules, control units and Battery packs are developed on our own accordingly, and then EV-Minibus、Mobile Charging Truck and ESS Energy Storage System have been built up and become Dijiya's tomorrow stars in the Green Energy Industry. Meanwhile, 7M EV-Minibus with 70% MIT parts and assemblies has gone through ARTC vehicle on-road safety tests and is ready to hit the road. Under the Quality、Promise、Service and Safety, Dijiya with entrepreneurship continouously keep on developing more new products and extending more services for our global customers who concern the green energy and the Earth most.
Dijiya Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.'s operating strategy is to develop innovative and autonomous products, electric vehicles and intelligent storage systems, and develop technologies and benefits based on electric vehicles in the two major industries of energy conservation and carbon reduction. An electric vehicle consist of the vehicle control unit (VCU) system, high voltage protection (HVP), alternating current unit (ACU), motor control unit (MCU) as the main components. Together with the battery pack module management system (BMS) and battery balancing system, it fully controls the technical capabilities of electric vehicles. At present, locally manufactured components of electric vehicles have reached more than 70%. These vehicles have been certified by the Automotive Research and Testing Center (ARTC) and also both in Europe and America.