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Company Name:ArcRan Information Technology Inc.

ARCRAN INC. concentrates on constructing comprehensive cybersecurity solution to smart city applications. We construct next generation cybersecurity solutions based on unique machine learning algorithm to help governments and enterprises conduct quick response to a variety of advanced cybersecurity threats and attacks, by automatic cybersecurity analysis, attack simulation, and risk evaluation. In addition, we provide cybersecurity solutions to protect over 20 different application fields in smart city, such as CIIP, Public Utilities, Energy Systems, Industry IOT, Medical Systems, Smart Building, etc. We believe cybersecurity is the fundamental enabler of smart city development. ARCRAN INC. can be your best partner to strengthen cybersecurity protection capability, decrease operation risk of smart city management, and bring value to smart city governance.
1. Secure Coding & SSDLC Consulting Service 2. Penetration Test Service 3. IoT Automatic Analysis Platform (AAP) 4. IoT Site Surveillance Platform (iSecMaster)