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Company Name:International Integrated Systems, Inc.

International Integrated Systems, Inc. (IISI) is a large-scale international professional benchmark company of information and communication technologies for system implementation and software development.

IISI’s areas of expertise encompass public sector, financial sector, healthcare, smart city, and telecom & internet services, which were built up over the past thirty years. Our industry-leading task force covers sales, marketing, consulting, engineering and project management elites, possessing numerous professional certificates and strong background of large-scale projects for IT system planning, deployment, maintenance and operation.

IISI is devoted to providing services with consistent innovation and honesty. Cooperating with global IT service providers, IISI offers worldwide customers competitive and intelligent solutions. We are striving to become a leader providing state of the art solutions to support clients to achieve competitive edge for success and growth.

Transportation and Traffic Control Solutions

IISI has extensive experience in the transportation sector, and understands how to respond to the needs of modern traffic management integration. Through multi-level technologies of urban and freeway traffic management systems and transportation resource management system, IISI is capable of providing smart transportation-related services to meet customer management and scheduling needs in the areas of logistical support and land, sea and air transportation. IISI provides optimal decision analysis, execution, real-time system control and management by interpreting integrated digital and transport planning strategy data in order to effectively deal with different traffic and transportation conditions and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Solution Features
1.Flexible module design: From simple to complex, flexible module design is able to meet the needs of various types of traffic control and integrate external sources of information to enhance strategic control planning.
2.Integrated management system can be combined with monitoring, police operations and disaster prevention and rescue. In accordance with different management needs, modules can be adjusted to meet the management needs from environments ranging from the relatively simple to complex urban traffic and national high-speed highway traffic.
3.Comprehensive transportation resource management system: we provide highly complex personnel scheduling functionality and, at the same time, take staff dispatch, attendance records management and cost calculation into account, affording enterprises the dynamic management capability needed to cope with all manner of unexpected situations.

Major Solutions
Metropolitan Transportation Management System
Highway Traffic Management System
Transportation Resource Management System
Parking Information Guidance System
Fast Data Solution
Platform Gateway System Solution
Intelligent Railway Ticketing Solution

Traffic Engineering Office, Taipei City Government
Transportation Bureau of Taoyuan County Government
Bureau of Transportation, Taichung City Government
Dept. of Transportation, Tainan City Government
Dept. of Transportation and Tourism, Keelung City Government
Transportation Engineering Office, Dept. of Public Works, Nantou County Government Transportation Office, Economic Affairs Dept., Yilan County Changhua County Police Bureau Police Dept, Yunlin County

IISI won the 2017 Enterprise Project Management Benchmarking Award by PMI- Taiwan Chapter
IISI won the 3rd Place for Computer and Software Services in the TOP 500 Large-Scale Companies organized by China Credit Information Service, Ltd.

IISI won the Excellent Company Award by the Ministry of the Interior

IISI won the 2015 Smart Transport Applications Award