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Company Name:San Chih Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

San-Chih Semiconductor Co., with headquarter at Taipei City and Factory at Tao-Yuan county, is a leading 3” to 6” silicon ingots and lapped wafers manufacturer in Taiwan.  

As a subsidiary of  Tatung Company, a leading electronic manufacturer in Taiwan, San Chih Semiconductor has established technical cooperation with Siemens on silicon ingot growing technology since 1975.  After that, we started our own crystal pulling with FZ Technique in 1980 and further adopted CZ pulling method in 1986.  At the turn of 1990’s, we developed and produced our first 5” silicon ingots and wafers.  In considering the need of future growth, San-Chih went public and became listed in Taiwan Stock market in 1995.  Consequently, we expanded our production facility and modernized our manufacturing facility in 2008.   

Following the trend of environment-friendly and to play an important role in the Green-concerned and conservation industry, in 2004 we invested in Green Energy Technology (GET) which has became a worldwide heavy-weighted multi-crystal silicon wafer provider of Solar Energy since then.  Furthermore, at the end of 2010, by using our latest facilities and technology, we produced our first 2” and 6” Sapphire ingots for energy-saving LED business.  

With the support of QS9000 and ISO9001-2000 certified quality system, San Chih is dedicated to provide best quality 3” to 6” ingot and lapped wafer.  Silicon ingot and wafer and Solar business have formed the solid foundation of San Chih Semiconductor Company, and we will continue with endeavors to cultivate in Eco business and to be part of providing better life to the human society.     

The main products are 3” to 6” Silicon Ingot and lapped wafer which serve as the basic material for making Diode.  Our core technology  includes long-term ingot growing experience with the capability to design own hot-zone to optimize crystal grower, and recently, we established high-power magnetic field to further enhance our high quality products with much better resistivity variation and lower oxygen contain. 

Our wafers are used by famous international companies to produce high quality diode.  These diodes could be used not only to produce vehicle electronics but also car alternator for OEM and After market.  This kind of alternator diode has to work under extreme condition and to sustain high temperature and huge pressure; therefore, it need good wafer to do so.