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Company Name:Tatung System Technologies Inc.

Tatung System Technology Inc. (tsti)  is ranked amongst the top 500 companies within the services sector in Taiwan.
The company had been sale agents of world-renowned computer communications products and provided product services for nearly thirty years. Throughout its rich history, TSTi has established itself as a leading computer networks, communications and integration services company. In recent years, TSTi customers comprise of a range of industries such as: telecommunications, financial holdings, manufacturing, media, logistics, government, military, education and research organizations. Recently, TSTi have actively implemented the M-cloud for private enterprises. This includes the provision of public cloud backhaul, cloud servers and customer service centers along with high-performance computing, telecommunications and the application software development. With the consultation of ERP, MES and CRM experts, the company's experience in the implementation of communications hardware and software has allowed the development of information systems, providing high quality service to customers in China and Taiwan.

Overall Solutions: 
Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing, MCloud & vCloud, Network as a Service, Cloud Network, Virtualized Data Center IPS, Server and Desktop Virtualization, Cloud Storage Platform)
Information Security (IPS integrated Network Security,BYOD Security,TSTib Security,Data Loss Prevention,Protect Critical TSTib Applications and Data, Database Security, Log Manager)
High Performance Computing (High Performance Computing, GPU Computing)
System Infrastructure (Data Backup and Management, Fault-tolerant Server Clustering, Microsoft domain and mail solution)
Unified Communications (Unified Communications, Avaya Aura Session Manager, Microsoft® Lync™)
Contact Center (Customer Experience Management, Avaya Aura Experience Portal, Automated Proactive Contact, Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization)
Commercial Soft & App Service (TSTi Capabilities on Microsoft)