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(Telematics Wire) DENSO TEN and Cinemo continue collaboration on Infotainment Systems

DENSO TEN and Cinemo continue collaboration on Infotainment Systems
Posted: 03 Jun 2019 03:36 AM PDT
Cinemo and DENSO TEN have announced that they will continue their collaboration on smart integration projects.



Audi joins SEMI association to advance automotive electronics
Posted: 03 Jun 2019 01:47 AM PDT
The automotive electronics technology is growing rapidly and semiconductors are playing a critical role in innovation and product differentiation. To meet the goal of sustainable, connected and highly automated mobility, the automakers are now trying to develop capabilities in this field.



Predictive analytics company Pitstop announces $1.5M seed round
Posted: 02 Jun 2019 11:51 PM PDT
With expanding connected car market and business models moving from products to services, predictive analytics is to play a vital role in reducing unexpected downtime and costs for businesses operating in autonomous industry.



Drive-by-Wire company Dataspeed signs deal with Level Five to expand to Europe
Posted: 02 Jun 2019 11:19 PM PDT
Drive-by-wire is a key enabling technology in autonomous vehicles, allowing computers to direct electronic messages into vehicle systems to control throttle, braking, and steering, among other key processes. It’s market is expanding rapidly and a number of companies are positioning themselves to take advantage of the situation.