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(Telematics Wire) Sony and DOCOMO join forces to test Driverless Concept Vehicle

Collaboration between AVL and MSC Software on Autonomous Vehicle Projects
Posted: 28 Mar 2019 05:11 AM PDT
Regarding autonomous vehicles there is a common agreement across the automotive industry has developed that validation of SAE Level 4 and 5 (highly automated) vehicle systems based on miles driven is neither feasible nor economical. Moreover, testing on public roads has severe limitations and hazards. A comprehensive scenario-based development and validation methodology is therefore needed to ensure safety in the entire operational design domain.



Sony and DOCOMO join forces to test Driverless Concept Vehicle
Posted: 28 Mar 2019 05:09 AM PDT
Sony Corporation and NTT DOCOMO will jointly trial Sony’s conceptual driverless vehicle. Named the New Concept Cart SC-1, the car leverages 5G mobile technologies for various remotely controlled functions.



NETSOL Technologies launches OTOZ Mobility Innovation Lab
Posted: 28 Mar 2019 05:08 AM PDT
NETSOL Technologies has announced the launch of its OTOZ Mobility Innovation Lab as well as a strategic partnership with Drivemate, the car-sharing, peer-to-peer car rental service in Thailand.


Detroit Connect platform integrates first telematics service provider
Posted: 28 Mar 2019 01:35 AM PDT
Daimler Trucks North America’s suite of connected vehicle services, Detroit Connect, has announced that third party telematics service providers can now be integrated into the Detroit Connect platform.



AWS to power the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud
Posted: 28 Mar 2019 12:00 AM PDT
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Volkswagen Group have announced a multi-year, global agreement to build the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud, a cloud-based Industrial digital production platform. The platform is expected to transform the automotive company’s manufacturing and logistics processes.