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(Telematics News) Bosch software keeps people from harm

Continental, Deutsche Telekom, Fraunhofer ESK, MHP and Nokia conclude tests of connected driving technology on the A9 Digital Test Track

Posted: 22 Mar 2019 05:27 AM PDT

Local cloud computing (Multi-access Edge Computing – MEC) is a key enabling technology for connected driving, specifically for driving safety. It is vitally important that the industries involved in connected driving work closely together to turn the concepts into sustainable business for all parties involved. These are the main conclusions of the Car2MEC project after […]


Bosch software keeps people from harm

Posted: 22 Mar 2019 05:26 AM PDT

Wrong-way drivers are a terrifying prospect. The danger of encountering a wrong-way driver on freeways is not as uncommon as many might think. In Germany alone, traffic news channels broadcast roughly five wrong-way driver alerts each day, or nearly 2,000 each year. Just a few thousand lines of software code can protect human lives – […]


German Autolabs launches Chris, a digital assistant for drivers, on Amazon UK

Posted: 22 Mar 2019 05:26 AM PDT

German Autolabs, the Berlin-based startup behind Chris, a voice AI enabled digital assistant for in-car usage, announced its availability on Amazon for £299. Chris is initially available for Android users with an iOS compatible version due to be released later in 2019. Elegant, smart and safe, regardless of age and model, Chris can be retrofitted […]


Goodyear, Envoy Technologies pilot digital service solution for shared, on-demand EV fleets

Posted: 22 Mar 2019 05:26 AM PDT

As a supplier of tires and solutions for future mobility, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company announced a new pilot program with Envoy Technologies, a provider of shared on-demand, community-based electric vehicles (EVs). The pilot, which launched early this year, is testing services aimed at minimizing operational downtime for vehicle fleets. Goodyear’s predictive tire servicing […]