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(Telematics News) WayRay releases true AR software development kit for cars

CCC’s X data exchange powers telematics innovations for State Auto

Posted: 18 Dec 2018 04:25 AM PST

CCC Information Services Inc. and its affiliates (CCC) announced today that State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company (State Auto) is live on the CCC X data exchange, activating a broad range of telematics capabilities in support of the insurer’s vision to transform the policyholder experience through innovation. State Auto is using CCC X to connect with […]


WayRay releases true AR software development kit for cars

Posted: 18 Dec 2018 04:24 AM PST

WayRay, a Swiss holographic AR displays for cars, announces the launch of its True AR SDK beta for cars. The True AR SDK is a set of libraries and tools that allow developers to build, test, and debug AR apps that run on WayRay’s in-vehicle holographic AR displays. With the SDK, developers can create and […]


AND signs agreement with an OEM’s subsidiary to enhance HD map data

Posted: 18 Dec 2018 04:23 AM PST

AND, a HD map service provider announces that it has entered into a, strategic agreement with a subsidiary of an European automotive OEM. AND will create HD Maps from car sensor data for autonomous driving using MapFusion. The AND MapFusion technology is key to create unprecedented rich, accurate and affordable map data. The signed contract […]


Toyota develops Total-care Service care service designed for ride hailing companies

Posted: 18 Dec 2018 04:22 AM PST

Toyota Motor Corporation announced “Total-care Service,” a set of mobility services specially designed for ride-hailing companies. Working with ride-hailing companies, Total-care Service will enable Toyota to leverage on-board telematics data through a shared information platform and provide services such as fleet management, automotive insurance, and vehicle maintenance packages, aiming to expand the use of ride-hailing […]