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[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) NXP and Momenta join forces on Automotive-Grade Driver Monitoring Systems 2019-06-22
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Car makers, service providers and national governments in Europe to share traffic safety data 2019-06-25
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) DENSO TEN and Cinemo continue collaboration on Infotainment Systems 2019-06-22
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Samsung’s Exynos Auto 8890 owers Audi’s In-Vehicle Infotainment System 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) The global installed base of connected mining solutions will reach 1.2 million units in 2023 2019-06-25
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Hyundai Motor unveils Electric Double-Decker Bus 2019-06-25
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Samsung’s Exynos Auto 8890 powers in-vehicle infotainment system in the new Audi A4 and upcoming models 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Velodyne wins patent challenge brought by competitor Quanergy 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics News) DENSO TEN and Cinemo to address next generation infotainment systems 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) BMW Group introduces ‘Remote Software Upgrade’ 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics News) FCA submits proposal for a transformative merger with Groupe Renault 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) 5GAA demos C-V2X technology in Berlin 2019-06-25
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) SK Telecom and Seoul cooperate on HD Maps for autonomous driving 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics News) C-V2X contributes to safer roads for everyone: 5GAA live demo event in Berlin 2019-06-24
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Car Sharing Market to rach USD 11 billion by 2024 2019-06-25
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Arity and Y-Risk team up to improve insurance and operations for shared mobility companies 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Driverless cars working together can speed up traffic by 35 percent, find researchers 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Autotalks accelerates C-V2X readiness following interoperability testing and successful bench tests 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Honda R&D and CiNet conduct joint research in areas of mobility and robotics 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics News) GM digital vehicle platform debuts, enables adoption of future technologies 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Quanergy reaches compliance with important automotive standards 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Panasonic launches EV charging service for India 2019-06-25
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Mitsubishi Electric and HERE develop road hazard alert system to improve driver safety 2019-06-23
[Industry News] (Telematics Wire) Volvo signs battery supply deals with CATL and LG Chem 2019-06-24
[Industry News] (Telematics News) Automatic introduces new connected car assistant, expands availability to more retailers nationwide 2019-06-24